Elestor has invented a groundbreaking battery system that stores electricity at one fifth of the cost of conventional batteries. By establishing itself in Arnhem, Elestor has been able to take full advantage of the hotspot where knowledge of energy and material comes together. With the support of InnoEnergy and the municipality of Arnhem, Elestor is taking big steps in making their invention ready for commercial use.

A great company requires a great team

‘If you want to build a great company, the most important thing is to build a great team,’ Wiebrand Kout, founder and CTO at Elestor, says. ‘So from the beginning, we’ve been looking for the best brains from all over the world. What really helps us, is that we develop clean-energy technology, which is absolutely vital. This makes us an attractive employer, especially for young researchers. Nowadays, we have a team of thirteen people from six different nationalities.’

‘That’s how we managed to get from one entrepreneur with a great idea to now a team working on the forefront of this battery technology in Europe.’

Wiebrand Kout, founder and CTO at Elestor

Working on the forefront of battery technology

“We supported Elestor from the very beginning,” Raymond Meeuwsen from InnoEnergy says. “Wiebrand came to us with a great idea but with limited knowledge and background as an entrepreneur. Our business coach really helped him to set up a proper roadmap, which was also including market aspects and not only technology aspects. And we helped him with our student base from InnoEnergy students to build up his team. That’s how we managed to get from one entrepreneur with a great idea to now a team working on the forefront of this battery technology in Europe.”

The launch of EnergyScaleUp

InnoEnergy and the municipality of Arnhem have teamed up to launch EnergyScaleUp, a joint initiative that will provide the most relevant support to the best scale-ups out there. Combining an international network with a strong energy focused home base will set you up for boosting your business. With the direct input from technology experts, business builders, supply chain experts and sales force, plus the distilled expertise of our entire ecosystem of energy partners, you can become the next big thing, the next Elestor.

Arnhem’s DNA is full of electricity

The Energy and Environmental Technology cluster is continually building on the traditionally strong position Arnhem holds when it comes to energy. Wiebrand Kout endorses that status: ‘Arnhem is an excellent place for starting a company like Elestor. The things we do here are more or less in Arnhem’s DNA. Historically there’s a very strong background in material and electricity research. What we’re doing with our new flow battery is a combination of these two. By establishing ourselves in Arnhem, we are able to take full advantage of that.’

Guido Dalessi, CEO at Elestor, believes the same: ‘Arnhem offers us the space, but also the infrastructure for the intended further growth of our company.’

What other scale-ups have to say

Elestor is just one of the many companies that benefits from the extensive support of InnoEnergy and the municipality of Arnhem. Here’s what the CEOs of Betterspace and Smartive have to say:

‘The Boostway programme has enabled us to further scale our business, hire new team members and to speed up international sales.’

Gerhard Weiß, co-founder and CEO at Betterspace

‘InnoEnergy has introduced us to some of the most important cleantech investors in Europe. We have raised €2 million with members of the InnoEnergy venture capital community and an additional €100,000 from their business angel network.’

Jordi Cusido, CEO, at Smartive

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